Functions of human resource management

Employee relations is the HR discipline concerned with strengthening the employer-employee relationship through measuring job satisfaction, employee engagement and resolving workplace conflict. Count on the ongoing support of dedicated academic and career advisors specialized in your area of study Career Outlook Employment legislation and rising healthcare costs are increasing the demand for human resources management professionals who can help organizations meet regulations and contain benefits costs.

He asserts that HRM is about the rediscovery of management prerogative. Most of the managements who hurriedly adopted performancerelated pay as an HRM device that would act as a lever for change have been sorely disappointed.

Importance of Human Resource Management

Being aware of these laws and policies and working to keep the organization completely legal at all times is an essential role of human resources. Classes are taught by instructors with professional credentials and experience in human resource management and organizational behavior. The compensation function facilitates retention of employees and also serves to attract potential employees to the organisation.

You'll be equipped to provide the strategic counsel and practical support to employees and management, helping to drive high-performing organizations. He suggests four aspects that constitute the meaningful version of HRM: Students focus on the HR arena in the business, private and public sectors within the local, national and international marketplace.

Students examine theories of motivation, communication, leadership, power and change with practical relation to contemporary issues. Much of the hostility to HRM expressed by a number of academics is based on the belief that it is hostile to the interests of workers, ie that it is managerialist.

The differences between personnel management and human resource management appear to be substantial but they can be seen as a matter of emphasis and approach rather than one of substance.

In summary, as commented by Guestit appears that workers like their experience of HRM. Since compensation is a major cost to many organisations, it is a major consideration in human resource planning. In the selection function, the most qualified applicants are selected for hiring from among those attracted to the organisation by the recruiting function.

Human resources managers must be excellent communicators, have the ability to multitask, and be able to develop and maintain good personal relationships with all employees. Many HR departments also provide leadership training and professional development. The result is a win-win: With a very small cost we give you the full Access database and source codes.

If you know how to use Access, you know how to use this human resource management software HRMS and potentially expand the functionalities to fit your future business needs as your business grows. Human resource is the biggest asset of any organization, and it is up to the HR team to make the most of it by implementing training programs to better the employee performance, and ensure that each employee strives to utilize his/her optimum ability.

Human Resource Management is a function within an organization which focuses mainly on the recruitment of, management of, and providing guidelines to the manpower in a company. It is a function of the company or organization which deals with concerns that are related to the staff of the company in terms of hiring, compensation, performance.

Jun 26,  · An efficiently run human resources department can provide your organization with structure and the ability to meet business needs through managing your company's most valuable resources -- its. Human resource management is the process of employing people, training them, compensating them, developing policies relating to the workplace, and developing strategies to retain employees.

Key Functions of an HR Department

There are seven main responsibilities of HRM managers: staffing, setting policies, compensation and benefits, retention, training, employment. HR: Functions Hiring Promotions Reassignments Position classification and grading Salary determination Performance appraisal review and processing.

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Functions of human resource management
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